As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After six years in Capitol Park, it’s time for City Bark to say goodbye and begin a new chapter!


People assume when a business closes, it’s a bad thing — but for us, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re shutting our doors proud of everything we’ve accomplished and excited for a new adventure. Over the past six years…


We built a grooming salon. We won “America’s Coolest”. We did dog yoga in the park. We drank with dogs. We helped cats and dogs find furever homes. We celebrated birthdays and holidays. Most of all, we made so many special friends (two-legged + four). 


We are currently working with customers to place any special orders needed before closing. If you’re close to that free bag and want to stock up, or your dog can’t get enough of a certain treat — let us know by January 30th! We’d be happy to order accordingly.


Starting February 1, we’ll begin discounting everything in the store. All markdowns will be available in-store and online and be announced via social media. Don’t wait to shop! Our last day of operation will be Sunday, February 12.


All scheduled grooming appointments will take place as usual, but we will not be making any new appointments at this time. We’re excited for LC’S Detroit, as they’ll be growing their grooming operation at a new location, to be announced soon. 


While City Bark may see new adventures (and pup crawls) in the future - for now, there are other exciting opportunities for us to explore. We’re looking forward to catching up with family, friends, and of course… our pets (Cleo included). 


We thank you for your support over the years and hope to see you at the shop one last time. Grab your pup and stop in to grab a lamb sausage and say goodbye! 


Please read the following, as it is important information for our customers:

  • Gift cards (and Detroit cards) will be accepted in-store and online until our last day of operation; our online store will not be accessible after this point
  • If you’re enrolled in the Frequent Buyer Card program, we encourage you to come redeem your free bag or stock up to earn your free bag before we close (need to place a special order, let us know, we’d be happy to help!)
  • Rewards Member? Same thing, earn and redeem points through our last day of operation
  • LC’S Detroit will be continuing grooming operations at a new location to be announced soon, follow them for updates
  • Got your eye on a fixture? Send us a DM and let us know, it might be up for sale!

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