FouFouBrands 14k Foucler Luxe Dog Puffer Jacket

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The 12K Foucler Luxe Coat features a lush realistic-looking faux-fur trim and is adorned with real gold plated hardware. The parka features FouFou brand’s signature patent fabric that is water-resistant, a fleece liner for extra warmth, and a fully removable hood.


Size Chart:
X-Small: 6-8 in neck x 8 in length x 14 in chest; fits dogs less than 3lbs.
Small: 8-10 in neck x 10 in length x 16 in chest; fits dogs 3-5 lbs.
Medium: 10-12 in neck x 12 in length x 18 in chest; fits dogs 6-8 lbs.
Large: 12-14 in neck x 14 in length x 19 in chest; fits dogs 9-11 lbs.
X-Large: 14-16 in neck x 16 in length x 21 in chest; fits dogs 12-14 lbs.
XX-Large: 16-18 in neck x 18 in length x 24 in chest; fits dogs 15-17 lbs.
XXX-Large: 18-20 in neck x 20 in length x 25 in chest; fits dogs 18-20 lbs.

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